Monday, September 06, 2004

Who is JadeGold?

JadeGold is a troll who frequents conservative and libertarian blogs, where he spews vituperative bloviations, sneering condescension and straight-up hate. If you've come here, you probably know that. (Unless you're Jade himself, in which case you may know it but you're far too disingenuous to admit your trolldom. Hi, Jade!) Jade has managed to get himself banned from an impressive number of blogs. See here; here; here, and here and here, for example. (In case you were wondering, Jade is a male -- see below -- though "man" would be too generous a description.)

Quite simply, the purpose of this blog is to recount what we know of Jade, as background for those whose curiosity may have been aroused by his shitwitted antics. (After all, it's not every day that one runs into a guy who seems reasonably intelligent but has obviously been seized by madness.) If you're not familiar with JadeGold, I suggest that you keep moving; there's nothing here that'll interest you. But if you've ever butted heads with Jade and found yourself wondering, "who is this asshole, and what's his deal?" I hope this will be the place where some of your questions are answered. I don't intend to try to deconstruct all Jade's dishonest arguments here. That's usually handled well enough by the people he's attempting to debate. My only purpose is to give you a little background on Jade. So let's get to it!

It is very likely that JadeGold is actually a guy named Guy Kevin Cabot, who lives in Fort Washington, Maryland. What evidence is there to support this conclusion? Well...

Recently [is anything having to do with this blog not recent?] I had a run-in with a troll that's been infesting many a site across blogdom. In the process of banning said troll, I did reverse lookups of the post-from IP address and found, to my delight, that one such post originated from Operational Research Corporation, which is, coincidentally, the home of another well-known troll. This troll has the manners of Guy, the same degree of logical impairment as Guy, and the same claim to military background as Guy. Not to mention the same propensity for lying. And of course, it's a complete coincidence that JadeGold made its debut about the same time Guy Cabot did his disappearing act.

I haven't found Guy's IP addresses posted anywhere, but it's still possible to connect them. Some known IP addresses for Jade are:,, and Yet another is Jade's work IP address has been identified as

The IP addresses resolve to:;; and In other words, Jade's ISP is (or was) Verizon. Guy Cabot's home email address is or was (let your cursor hover over his name and read the link at the bottom of your window).

The IP address for is -- a perfect match for the address linked to Jade. We also know that Guy Cabot at least used to work at ORC, where his email address was

Guy Cabot had a blog, where he made it apparent that he hated conservatives (and pretty much anyone else who wasn't a dyed-in-the-wool lefty). JadeGold hates conservatives (and pretty much anyone else who isn't a dyed-in-the-wool lefty). (JadeGold had a blog for a short time, too, but he apparently gave up on it.) Specifically, Guy Cabot referred to gun owners as "gunloons." JadeGold refers to gun owners as "gunloons. In fact, Guy Cabot said that Buford Furrow, Timothy McVeigh, Randy Weaver and David Koresh are NRA heroes and/or members of the "NRA Hall of Fame." JadeGold has implied that Tim McVeigh was tied to the NRA as well.

Guy Cabot used the term "Instacracker" to refer to Instapundit, a.k.a. Glenn Reynolds. So does JadeGold. Guy Cabot referred to Republicans as "Repugs". So does JadeGold. (If you skim Jade's old blog, "Zen Arcade," you'll note that Jade uses the term "Repugs" pretty much compulsively.)

JadeGold claims to be a "Federal Military Academy" graduate." So did Guy Cabot. (Also noted by Blackfive.)

Guy Cabot claims to have majored in "naval architecture/engineering" at said service academy. The Naval Academy has a naval architecture department. So does the Coast Guard Academy. So does the Merchant Marine Academy Not unexpectedly, neither West Point nor Air Force does. JadeGold claims to have served aboard ships in the military.

We also know that ORC's offices are primarily in northern Virginia and Maryland. There is no "Guy Cabot" listed on in Virginia or Washington, D.C., but there is one listed in Fort Washington, Maryland. The Guy Cabot who works for Operational Research Consultants, Inc., lives in Ft. Washington, MD, as evidenced by his having listed Fort Washington as his hometown right alongside his email address. Fort Washington is in Prince George's (PG) County, Maryland. JadeGold seems to know a little about law enforcement in PG County. And the Guy Cabot who wrote the Washington Post back in October, 2003, was from Fort Washington, Maryland. That Guy Cabot referred to "the White House's ever-changing rationale for going to war with Iraq." JadeGold has referred to the war in Iraq as "a war of dubious rationale." (Jade is fond of discussing the rationale for the Iraq War.)

Some have asserted that JadeGold/Guy claims to be a Naval Academy graduate, but I've found no explicit claim to that effect by JadeGuy himself. However he has implied it, by stating that he dated "a girl from St. John's" while he was at "the Academy." St. John's College is just blocks from the Naval Academy. Nor has he denied it when others have said he's a Naval Academy graduate. (See the preceding link from Balloon Juice.) Even so, the service academies conduct exchange programs so it probably would be possible for a cadet or midshipman from any academy to date a woman from St. John's. But we can narrow it down a bit more than that. Remember: Assuming he's not lying about his educational background, JadeGuy could only be an alumnus of the Naval Academy, Merchant Marine Academy, or Coast Guard Academy, because only those academies offer degrees in naval architecture. The Merchant Marine Academy Alumi Foundation does not have a public lookup feature. Neither does the Coast Guard Academy Alumni Association website. So unless some readers happen to be USCGA and USMMA alumni, we have no way of checking those possibilities. We can be fairly certain that Guy is not a Naval Academy alumn, though.

JadeGuy also claims to have been involved in "two foreign wars." But since he graduated from high school no earlier than 1974, he can't have been commissioned before 1978. Vietnam was over. The next foreign war was the Gulf War, in 1991. After that, one has to look to the Iraq/Afghanistan conflicts, in which Jade pretty clearly hasn't been involved. There were various small actions, of course -- Grenada, Panama, the bombing of Libya, peacekeeping in various far-flung shitholes -- but I don't count two "foreign wars" in that period. Perhaps JadeGuy was just talking himself up. That wouldn't be terribly surprising, would it?

JadeGuy also claims to have minored in law at one of the service academies. This is interesting. It is true that cadets and midshipmen receive some very basic legal training -- in particular, the law of armed conflict and the Uniform Code of Military Justice, both of which junior officers may need to know. Typically, this consists of a semester or two of instruction. The Military Academy offers a major in "Law and Legal Studies," and the Air Force Academy has something similar, but we are pretty certain that JadeGuy isn't a USMA or USAFA alumnus by virtue of his alleged seafaring and naval architecture backgrounds. And the Coast Guard Academy offers nothing of the sort. Ditto for the Naval Academy and the Merchant Marine Academy So it's hard to reconcile JadeGuy's claim of having been a seafaring academy graduate with his claim to have achieved a minor in law.

Well, that's it for now. With luck, those of you who care now know a little more about JadeGuy than you did when you arrived here. Please feel free to add your own thoughts/JadeGuy research in comments. (But please provide supporting links.) I may update, or this may turn out to be the only post on this blog. Either way, enjoy!